Artist Aid

By working with a significant style home on this project we’re revamping that tradition for the 21st century. I’ve always been a giant fan of Givenchy and Riccardo Tisci’s work so it was an exquisite alternative to work with him. Classical European paintings of noblemen royalty and aristocrats. My goal was to have the ability to paint illusionistically and grasp the technical elements but then to be able to fertilize that with nice ideas. I was skilled to paint the body by copying the Old Master work so in some bizarre means this may be a return to how I earned my chops — spending a lot of time at museums and watching white flesh. If you take a look at my work there’s one thing about lips eyes and mucous membranes.

In the foreground are two figures – an Indigenous man sketched in black holding a bottle linked with a luminous being painted in white who holds a pipe crammed with sacred tobacco. Everything has that means within the trade from the choice of symbols to the colours used in every portray the artists clarify. The two artists born in the same 12 months and identical month …

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