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However the time period is extremely broad and is broken up into quite a few sub-categories that lead to utilitarian decorative therapeutic communicative and intellectual ends. In its broadest type art could additionally be thought of an exploration of the human condition or a product of the human expertise. Art is usually examined by way of the interplay of the ideas and elements of art. The principles of art embrace motion unity concord variety balance contrast proportion and pattern.

Increasing international interplay throughout this time saw an equal influence of other cultures into Western art. Thus Japanese woodblock prints had an immense affect on impressionism and subsequent development.

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However the questions of what is art and who is an artist are not easily answered. The concept of defining art today is way tougher than it has ever been. After the exhibition through the Pop Art motion of Andy Warhol’s Brillo Box and Campbell’s Soup Cans the questions of “what is art? Numerous philosophers have tried to tackle the idea of magnificence and art. For Immanuel Kant the aesthetic experience of beauty is a judgment of a subjective however common human reality. He argued that …

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