A Magician at My Sister’s Wedding

I went overseas to my sister’s wedding and had the time of my life. I stayed there for two weeks total, helping her with last minute things. When the actual wedding day arrived, I was so happy for her. It was my first time in London, and she told me that she had a surprise for me at the reception. I had no idea at the time, but I found out later that she had booked the leading wedding magician in London to perform at her wedding reception. I didn’t find out until we were actually at the wedding reception!

The reason this was so exciting is that my sister and I were both huge fans of magic shows when we were growing up. We did not get to see too many in person, but we watched all that we could on TV and on the internet. We were just fascinated and made it our mission to find out how a lot of the tricks were performed. We were not successful with some the tricks, but the majority we were able to figure out. We had not seen any magic tricks or shows together in a very long time, so my sister wanted to surprise me at her wedding reception with one.

I had never seen a magician at a wedding, and I have been to dozens of them since all of our friends have been getting married in the last five to ten years. That made this very fresh and exciting for both of us. While she did spend the majority of the reception with her new husband, she and I managed to sneak a few times together to have the magician perform just for us. We were blown away with his tricks, and I knew that we would not be able to figure these ones out. That was okay though because those make the best magic shows ever! My sister is happily married now, and I am soon to be that way myself. I am even having a magician at my own reception because of her!