Examples Of AI Used Within Creative Sectors

Artificial intelligence has become quite a trendy topic within businesses worldwide. There are tons of applications which are AI-driven in today’s world and the creative sector isn’t definitely an exception. Let’s analyse some examples of AI which are used to speed up creative-related processes which, otherwise, will require a lot of time.

Number One: Photoshop

Even if many don’t know about it, Photoshop and Adobe pieces of software have all been using some AI-based features. When editing a picture in Photoshop, for example, there are plenty of features which are relying on automatic detection which, even in a minor form, are relying on an AI. Incredible, isn’t it? Photoshop is extremely advanced technology-wise and, given what Adobe recently announced, it’s going to become even more advanced in the next couple of years.

Number Two: Music

Ai and music may sound (see what I did there) as a forced team, but they are a perfect combination. Currently, the usage of AI in pieces of software like Ableton is used to determine which chord is being played, what are the scales which could be used with it and much more. Overall, Ai within the music sector is mainly used to “simplify” musicians’ work.

Number Three: Sports

From an analytical perspective, there usages of AI within sports are limitless. There are some startups which have recently launched a piece of software which analyses the player’s movement to predict where the ball will go, his speed, his power and much more. With tools like these, many big teams could improve their results massively without relying on tunnel visioning their efforts towards physical training without any guidance.

Number Four: Videogames

It has been pointed out by app developers and in particular by a company who focuses on app development in London how many game developers have been recently stepped out their game when it comes to the usage of AI, which is now much more complicated compared to the ones which were available a couple of years ago. This proves the fact that the challenges for videogames on mobile have now the exact same (if not better) level of difficulty compared to their console versions.

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