How To Get Your Music Noticed On SoundCloud?

The music industry changed completely because nowadays you do not have to go to concerts all across the country so that you can scout small bands that could become big with a little push.

Today most managers and talent scouts are using music sharing platforms to find their artists. Back in the day they would spend hours making new contacts and phoning labels and spend the entire fortune to duplicate demos and send them to each label by using local post office.

However things are entirely different because nowadays you can quickly get your music discovered and noticed by people which created a paradoxical situation in which it is much more challenging to be recognized due to massive production of bands and artists.

Since sharing and publishing the music was never this easy you can find thousands of hours of music that everyone is adding daily. Therefore SoundCloud is filled with new artists and things that may survive another day.

That is the main reason why today’s talent scouts have to listen to hours of lousy songs so that they can reach one perfect choice. Having SoundCloud plays and YouTube views is another essential consideration that brings talent scouts towards the artist.

Therefore if you wish to be noticed on SoundCloud you should check our brief guide that will help you understand how to do it:

1.Always Be Professional

You should have in mind that numerous artists all across the globe use this particular platform for reaching a broad audience. At the same time they are uploading everything from live performances to demos and that is a mistake that you should avoid making.

Your page has to be the best one possible and present your professionalism among other things. You have to treat it as the best possible presentation of your music and artistic skills to both fans and music executives.

Imagine that you are living in the ’80s and ’90s when recording music for fans and executives artists created perfect recording tracks that are saying everything about them. It is much better to have three great tracks compared with dozen of lousy demos.

Of course artists are much more fortunate now because they can upload entire albums but it is essential to be as selective as possible and upload only songs that will bring your more fans.

In case that music on your page sounds lousy and it is not to your current standards the best thing that you can do is to remove it. In case those songs are poorly edited and mixed you should also remove them.

If you have lousy recordings of your live performances you should also remove it and publish only things that will appeal to your potential audience.

2.Get Plays

Have in mind that getting plays on SoundCloud could be both complicated and simple but you have to handle a few things before you make up your mind.

Have in mind that this particular community rewards the interaction so the best way to get thousands of plays and appear fashionable is to check and research other users that feature similar taste and music as your own.

You should interact with music influencers because if they enjoy hearing your music they will share it further and their followers will listen to you as well.

Best way to self-promote your music is by clicking here to learn more about it.

Since it is a social media platform you have to maintain interaction with everyone because that way you will be able to make new friends and connections that will help you along the way.

You should get your family and friends to comment and play your music as well as republish so that you can get a base on fans which will bring you another portion of fans as well.

You can also create dozens of accounts so that you can comment on your song because that will help you be noticed much more than song without any interaction beneath.

You can also spend some money to purchase plays from different companies that are working around you. You have to search on Google and you will notice numerous companies that will provide you this particular service.

Of course the worst thing that you can do is to overdo it because it is simple to spot when you have paid for plays. Some fan will enter your song see that the play number is high but there are no interactions or comments which will increase the doubt.

In case that some page features plenty of interactions even if you add a thousand plays no one will notice a difference. Have in mind that music scouts are searching for talent and popularity which are two most important factors.

Therefore you will be able to reach more audience and potential major record labels that will help you along the way.

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