Why you should print your digital photos

Look on your smartphone. You’re likely to have thousands of photos saved in your camera’s photo roll. What happens to all those memories and moments captured?

The reality is that they are deleted to make space for newer photos, new apps, or when we change to a new phone. Why not transfer and save those photos to your laptop? Take it a step further: print your favourite digital photos.One of the most fun ways to collect and display your photos is with Colorland photo books. You can also create canvas prints, individual photo prints, greeting cards and more. Read up on the different online photo printing services available.

When printing out our photographs, they become ever-present reminders of important life moments. You can close a file of digital photos, but you can’t close a printed photo. They remain ever in our lives to become treasured art. In fact, when you select your photos to print, it is in itself a process in which you are dedicated to that action, and when you select and print a specific photo or collection of photos, it is rewarding and satisfying. You should print your photos that inspire you, that can calm you and energize you in tough moments. They can be images of loved ones to remember forever.

What if your computer or hard-drives crashed tomorrow? All your photos will be lost forever. Printing your photos is safer than storing them on hard-drives and thumb-drives. Your wall space could always do with an extra photo or two, and your coffee table and bookshelf can hold a few photo books.

Printing images isn’t only for storage. It is about turning your digital photos into printed art for more people to see and appreciate in fresh ways. Print your photos out to share them in new ways: giving your partner a photo book of your most recent holiday together, or sending your parents a book of photos of your children, getting creative and printing coasters of magical landscapes or making a calendar for friends of your favourite photos. Putting those memories into a tangible form makes them feel so much more alive.

Photographs are a language unto themselves. You can travel anywhere in the world and show a photo, and people will react to them despite you not saying a single word. Printing photos shouldn’t be only archiving your photos for storage, but about making those memories and moments captured more real. Print one photo from your camera roll, hang it on a wall, and you’re sure to want to do the same again. With so many creative and inspirational ways to print and use our digital photos, and our very large smartphone albums and hard-drive files, we should make it a ‘thing’ to print our most treasured photos.

If you’re bored with the traditional printed photos, do something fun: print t-shirts, coffee mugs, computer mouse pads, smartphone protective cases, vinyl wraps for your digital devices, and trinkets.

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