Best Paint Brushes For Beginners

Have you been to your local art store and taken a look at the amazing amount of art supplies on offer?

Maybe you’ve looked at the dizzying array of paint brushes that are on offer.

If you are a new artist starting out then it can be very hard to make sense of the hundreds of paint brushes that are available at your local art store. It gets even more difficult if you are buying brushes online when you don’t have the benefit of a store salesperson to help you with your choices!

At least you should be using to help you with your choices because it’s very useful to have the benefit of great reviews from other people who have bought the same items when buying online.


The first and most obvious difference between paint brushes even for the uninformed observer is that different brushes have different bristles.

The bristles will to a very large extent control what medium the brush is eventually used for. This is because different bristes have different qualities that affect different paints in different ways.

Which Bristle To Choose?

The choice of bristle comes down to cost media and your experience and personal taste.

Try to avoid cheap brushes that have synthetic bristles for all but your messiest of projects because they just are not of good enough quality.

Of the natural hair bristles you usually have a choice of hog sable squirrel or occasionally mongoose.

Here it really is up to you. You could spend a lot of fine sable brushes or you could go for the cheaper hog hair. Your choice will be mostly determined by what you’re painting and what type of paint you are using.

Shape And Size

Paint brushes do not come in standard sizes. Each manufacturer will have a unique range of paint brushes and you will likely have to experiment with different brands and find the style that suits you.

Here it really is about personal preference but try at steer clear of fan shaped brushes unless you are very experienced.

Try some different brushes out and see which ones suit you and your painting.

Broadly speaking though big brushes will allow you to make big strokes with the brush and be more economical with your paint.

Smaller brushes will help you with more detailed work.

Buying Paint Brush Sets

Here’s an option that may work out a little more economical for you. Buying a set of brushes can mean you get a little bit more for your money.

HOwever be careful that you don’t splash out on a big set of brushes and then find that they aren’t really what you’re after.

Make sure you know what you’re buying. Maybe buy a few singles from the manufacturer so that you know what their brushes paint like before you commit to a set of brushes.

This can be a great way to go though so keep an eye out online for deals.

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