Marching Orders for Choosing a Corp or Drum Line Snare

Everyone loves a parade. The sounds and sites are usually worth the curbside wait. One of the more exhilarating reverberations of an approaching parade unit comes from the marching-band drums snapping and beating in unison. If you are part of a corps or a high school drum line and find it time to move beyond the supplied instrument or you want to trade in an old drum you may want to follow a few basic guidelines. These recommendations will help you choose a sound snare drum replacement.

The Point of Impact

By far the most important component to good sound is the head of a drum. Your choice of top head or batter is crucial to the tone projection and sensitivity of the drum. A good batter will respond well to performances with concert sticks Williamsburg VA. Go with a name brand even if it means swapping out the one already installed. Hybrid heads that combine Kevlar with other materials enhance both sound and durability.

The Beauty of the Wood

Drum material and construction work together to further define the sound and projection of a drum. The bearing-edge shape wood species and number of plies in the shell factor into the pitch harmonics and frequency the drum projects. Maple for example will produce even mid and high frequencies while birch will emphasize the highs. Increasing the number of plies in the shell increases the drum’s projection. These factors are irrelevant if the drum is out-of-round; in that case it will never sound right. Take the heads off and inspect the instrument before purchasing.

The Zing of the Snare

Snare wires create the classic snap of the drum. They vary in the number of wire strands and the types of weaves. Changing a snare is an easy approach to personalizing the sound of your drum.

The sound of a marching snare speaks volumes about the quality of its manufacturing. When performing in a drum line you cannot hide a poorly-assembled instrument with low-quality parts so take care when choosing a drum.

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