Planning Fun Summer Activities for Kids

If you’re anything like the majority of parents out there you might already be planning your summer calendar. In fact you might have started in January. Most parents generally send their children to a camp or two and make arrangements for a family vacation. However there are still many more weeks to fill during the months when school isn’t in session. If you’re looking for a couple of new ideas here are some fun summer activities for kids.

Backyard Movie Party

Anyone can have a regular movie party but with outdoor video screens you can have a backyard movie party. Throw down some tarps blankets and pillows and make your own private movie experience. Copious amounts of popcorn and other snacks are mandatory.


It can be a challenge to get kids to hike but you might have better luck if you tell them you’re geocaching instead. Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity that uses GPS to guide you to locations with hidden containers. Inside the containers you can find small toys stickers and other trinkets. It is said to be the world’s largest treasure hunt – and you’ll get hiking in as a side benefit.

Bedroom Makeover

Arts and crafts projects are always a good idea but they generally only last an hour or so. What if you had one big project that lasted several days? Your kids are only young once so why not let them make over their bedroom? You can let them paint their walls in any color they want you can always paint over it. Or maybe even paint a mural together. Spend one day on a shopping trip for some new decor and let your child’s imagination run wild.

There are hundreds of things you can do with your child in the summer. Just remember the most important part about summer is having fun.

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