Surrogacy and Egg Donation perfect services

Surrogacy using Egg donation is the best variant for those people with fertility problems who want to have a baby with the help of the latest technological treatment. You are obviously not alone with your problem – ADONIS Fertility clinics is your supportive assistant which ensures the healthy procreation and quality service during the whole process of Egg Donation and Surrogacy.

ADONIS Surrogacy services (including an egg donor providing) and the IVF allow couples to become parents even in case of serious reproductive problems. We provide the Gestational Surrogacy Programs the main purpose of which is to overcome infertility and give the happiness of parenting to the intended parents.

ADONIS Gestational Surrogacy means that the Surrogate Mother is not the genetic mother of the child she will give birth to only intended parents have the full range of rights to a baby (the main demand is the genetic relation with a baby of at least one of the couple).

Medical indication to experience Egg Donation and Surrogacy

There are a number of congenital and acquired pathologies in which a woman cannot use her own eggs to conceive a child. Different reasons can occur some of them are – the absence of oocytes the impossibility of their fertilization the presence of genetic abnormalities that prevent the conception of a healthy child and other pathologies.

The best solution for the couple in this situation is to use an egg from a healthy female donor. ADONIS ‘own donor base provides the highly diagnosed genetic material on request. The health of your future baby is fully protected and ensured because we control every step of diagnostic and donor selection as well as every stage of infertility treatment.

The main participants of the Surrogacy Program in such cases are:

  • a married couple who wants to become parents
  • an egg donor with best level expertise
  • a surrogate mother ready to participate right now

ADONIS Egg Donation and Surrogacy Center main advantages

  • professional medical team with over 23 years of experience which work and support you 24/7
  • ADONIS own Surrogate and Donor base (a wide range of egg donors and surrogate mothers is ensured just voice up your wishes and requests)
  • ADONIS own Legal Department with the selection of the best lawyers who draw up and prepare documents in accordance with the legislation of your country and Ukraine norms
  • personal managers and coordinators who know the whole information about processes and programs and will help you to clarify everything you need

All you need to do to start your journey to surrogacy is fill out the form on our website or contact the coordinators.

ADONIS Surrogacy with Donation of Egg services is the treatment which involves the latest equipment and facilities. We ensure the qualification of the doctors which work with you your genetic material and the Surrogate. Every single stage of the Program is controlled and safe. For your total awareness each action will be specified beforehand with the documents and test results.

Give yourself a unique opportunity of future happiness – choose ADONIS Surrogate Programs with Egg Donation and be sure with results!

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